Nous pouvons personnaliser votre propre présentoir marchand.

Nous sommes en mesure de personnaliser tous nos concepts en fonction des exigences des détaillants. En tant que commerçant, vous aurez besoin d'une variété de présentoirs de magasin différents pour présenter différents articles de manière attrayante. Eh bien, chez Bags Direct, nous avons ce qu'il vous faut en vous fournissant la solution d'affichage complète, qui comprend les présentoirs avec des produits.

Nos présentoirs apportent équilibre et structure à l'aménagement du sol tout en maximisant votre surface d'affichage.

1% For The Planet

What does 1% for the planet mean? One percent for the planet is an international organization whose members contribute one percent of thier annual revenue to environmental causes. The aim is to offer accountability and prevent greenwashing.

We have partnered with them to mitigate our carbon emissions created when producing and delivering the reusable shopper bags.

Easily recycle your shoppers now!

We have take the initative of adopting an eco-friendly concept box. One eco-cycle concpet box is a fabric cpated bin made locally from cardboard and it is covered with polypropylene fabric (The shopper bag material).

The recycling box is locally made and printed in South Africa, making the unit itself recyclable.

We have partnered with a local business. Thier sole purpose is to recycle and recover raw materials in an ecologically friendly process which is when it will be repurposed into new products.

Creative Branding Process

Our creative branding process is as simple as 7 steps. Make contact with one of our amazing sales team and have your shoppers branded now. We aim to keep all customers happy and to meet deadlines. We can do local branding or we can do a full print depending on your choice of design. You can choose a design from one of our catalogues or send through your logo and have a mock up made for visual references.

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Our Recycle Process

rPet is a sustainable fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and it is as strong as nyon and sillky to the touch. It is 100% recyclable after use making it ideal for any retailer looking for a sustainable way to promote its brand. The reason only 58% of our citizens are living sustainably are because of the lack of communication regarding the need for responsible consumption. Convienience is the main issue facing sustainability.

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