Our Business Offerings 


Promotional Offering - Branded Shopper Bags

We offer you the chance to select your material from non-woven, canvas, paper, hessian and laminated shopper bags in which all our eco-friendly. Then you can select your desired size from small, medium or large. And finally your style, where you can personalise your own design, by emailing us your logo and any designs or we can do it for you free of charge. 

Merchant Stands Offering - ECO Stands

We offer a variety of stands to display our products for your store from eco-friendly essentials, braai accessories, home & storage essentials, shopper bags, battery supplies to pet supplies. Here you have the option to choose what products you would like top add from our catalogues. Alternatively we can do it for you. The price per stand will be +/- R12,000 ZAR. Which includes delivery and a banner on top of your stand.

Concept Store Opportunity - Passenger Stop

We offer concept stores for airport retailers in the from of a store or a kiosk. Where we provide a courier service of all excess luggage in which a passenger may have, also a storage facility to store valuables when walking around the airport & of course travel accessories from neck pillow, locks, reading glasses, batteries, travel souvenirs, and much more! The store also offers quality internet access for passengers, the ability to send email or browse the internet from our computers or via their phones and also printing and photocopying.
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