The Building Blocks of Our Community ❣
What does success mean to us? Being at a point where we can give back to our community through acts of #acknowledgement#empowerment and #encouragement!

Acknowledging our community 👐
Making our community feel seen is a huge part of our ethos. We invited a group from our community to come to visit our offices for the day where we shared insights and experiences over lunch. Incentivising this already impactful afternoon, we remunerated these members of our community as a token of our appreciation and support as well as gifted them our Eco Family merchandise.

Empowering our community ✊
Words alone can do wonders, but we wanted to materialise our support of our community by giving back where it is most needed. We donated a bunch of products to our community such as backpacks, beach umbrellas and many more necessities. At Eco Lifestyle, we believe necessities extend into the things that invoke happiness in someone's everyday life!

Encouraging our community 👏
Arguably the most influential of the three, encouragement is an ongoing process of making people feel acknowledged and empowered every day. Telling your community you value them is one thing, but showing this value is where "a community" becomes "our community". Through small acts of acknowledgement and empowerment, we encourage our community to feel confident and supported in working toward a life they have envisioned for themselves.

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