Our Story

Bags Direct is a family-owned business that has been a leading distributor for the retail, promotional, and corporate markets for over 30 years within Southern Africa. We expanded into Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

We are specialists in custom-branded recyclable shopper bags, corporate gifting, and promotional items. We offer wholesale for resellers in our diverse 25 categories.

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Our Growth

We offer international businesses the opportunity to find products that suit their market through our 25 categories.

In South Africa we supply the major retailers including Makro, Spar, PEP, Jet, Dischem, Builders Warehouse, Ultra Liquors and more.

We recently expanded our offerings to online retailers of Amazon, Takealot, OneDayOnly, HomeChoice and YuppieChef.

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Why Choose Us?

We distribute to various international companies and are proud suppliers of the Eco Lifestyle brand, which is well-known in South Africa, Spain and the United States of America.

Our company's success is a product of our experienced staff, prompt turnaround times, high-quality products and efficient delivery. Our philosophy is to achieve success that contributes to the economy.

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Our Vision

We support international businesses to order their desired products and shipping directly to their warehouse, trade or regional stores.

We take great care to ensure that every client is satisfied with the quality of the products, no matter the quantity.

Our Services

Our Mission

We aim to become the leading suppliers in the retail, promotional and corporate markets while reducing our carbon footprint.

We ethically contribute towards economic activity in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

How We Are Sustainable

Our Benefits

Latest Trends

We aim to add value by offering the latest trends in sustainable shopping bags, luggage and bags.


We aim to promote environmentally products ti provide a solution to single-use plastic.

Economic Contribution

We aim to support the growth of the leading retailers and the E-commerce sector.

Global Delivery

We aim to deliver worldwide to make it easy accessibly for resellers.

Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience

We have substantial global market share.

Quality Service

Quality products with quick global delivery.

Quality Control

Products are certified to meet market standards.

Level 2 BEE

Empowering black-ownership in South Africa.

Meet the Team

Issy Levy

CEO and Founder

After 35 years of developing exciting and inspirational products within South Africa and international markets, I have grown Bags Direct from humble beginnings into a highly respected importer and distributor across all 25 categories.

Rita Morides

Key Accounts Manager

With 27 years of Key Account Management experience, I continue to drive the growth of the company by servicing major retailers in South Africa. Through relationship management, new product development, and after-sales service.

Sharon Steyn

Business Development Executive

With 18 years of experience in Promotional, Retail and Online Sales, I have proven track record of building strong relationships and retaining top accounts. I have an unwavering passion for delivering outstanding quality and service

Marissa Peterson

Retail Sales Manager

I manage accounts for retail and travel to customers nationally and internationally for corporate sales.

Luciano Delano

Marketing Manager

I have a passion for all things bags and travel. My role is establishing and growing Bags Direct’s industry partnerships and collaborations. I have 5 years of business-to-business sales and marketing experience. I am known for my aptitude for creating concepts for retailers.

Charmaine Ferrera

Finance Manager

I have 30 years experience ensuring Bags Direct maintains ethical and professional manner with financial obligations, allowing our company to maintain a good credit record.

Vidhantha Seebran

Imports & Exports Manager

With 25 years of invaluable experience of product sourcing, order placement, warehousing, and global transportation. I've built relationships with international manufacturers and retail buyers which have provided me with valuable insights into daily operations.

Charne Kleinhans

Online Strategic & Co-ordinating Manager

I've navigated the ever-changing currents of e-commerce. From the humble beginnings of a Merchandising Co-Ordinator to overcoming countless hurdles along the way to handle the strategic areas within the business. Each step has been a lesson in resilience and adaptability.

Jaden Quat

Retails Key Accounts Manager

I specialize in catalogue listings, merchandising, and creating connections with online buyers. I strive to optimize experiences, drive sales, and cultivate lasting partnerships.

Megan Bastick

Online Creative Director

I joined Bags Direct in 2022 to gain experience in the retail industry. I specialise in creating social media and digital marketing to create brand awareness about what we do best.

Laroche Doherty

Graphic designer

I specialize in photography, video editing, graphic design, and motion graphics. With every project, I aim to evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impact through visual storytelling.

Diane Hendricks

Stock Manager

I have 15 years experience of warehouse and stock take management. I am here to help Bags Direct maintain consistent delivery by ensuring all orders are packed with love and are delivered in good condition to our valued customers.

Goodwin Zonke

Sales and Retail

I work with variousstores and aim to expand. I am provided with opportunities to travel and speak to clients across South Africa. I am hardworking and do my best to provide great service for every client I meet.