Travel in Style with our Roma Set
Embrace Sustainable Travel with Our New Eco-Friendly Luggage Collection

Together, we're tackling environmental issues from all angles, and we're doing it in style. Our latest luggage collection, designed in Italy, proudly introduces Africa's first sustainably crafted lining made from recycled materials, all packaged in eco-friendly, recycled packaging. This collection combines city functionality with a sleek design, featuring water-resistant ABS hardshell casing, built-in TSA locks, and 360° spinner wheels that glide effortlessly, allowing you to travel guilt-free. By choosing our luggage, you help save 2kg of ocean-bound plastic with each purchase.

Benefits of Our Sustainable Luggage

- Versatility: Ideal for both short and extended journeys.
- Sustainability: RPET lined compact packing area, made from recycled materials.
- Italian Design: Crafted in Rome, Italy, for a sleek, practical look.
- Increased Capacity: Offers 15% more packing space than standard luggage sets.
- Protection: Includes a cover for the 75cm luggage case.

Key Features

- Side Handle: Provides easy carrying.
- Metal Zippers: Durable and anti-theft for enhanced security.
- Hardshell Casing: Lightweight and impact-resistant for maximum protection.
- Charging Port: Built-in USB port on the 55cm carry-on case for on-the-go power.
- Push Handle: Retractable aluminium handle with adjustable heights for convenience.
- Inside Divider: Zippered mesh pockets with tension belts for better organization.
- Luggage Cover: Protects the RPET lining.

What's Included?

- 1 x ABS Hardshell Cosmetic Bag
- 3 x ABS Hardshell Luggage Cases
- 1 x Built-in TSA 3-Digit Lock (on the 65cm and 75cm cases)
- 1 x Built-in Dual Charging Port and Lock (on the 55cm case)
- 4 x 360° Spinner Wheels for easy manoeuvrability on each case
- 1 x 3-in-1 Charging Cable for Apple iOS, Type-C, and Micro-USB


- 55cm Medium Luggage Case: 23 x 37 x 55cm (48.5L) - Charging port & combination lock
- 65cm Large Luggage Case: 26.5 x 43 x 65cm (74L) - TSA lock & no charging port
- 75cm Extra Large Luggage Case: 30.5 x 49 x 75cm (113L) - TSA lock & no charging port
- 33cm Cosmetic Bag: 16 x 31 x 33cm (16L)
- Recycled Packaging: 50.5 x 31 x 76cm
- Total Weight:12.95kg
- Materials: ABS and RPET

Our new eco-friendly luggage collection is not just about traveling smart—it's about traveling with a purpose. Embrace sustainability, security, and style on your next journey with our innovative luggage. Let's make a difference, one trip at a time.

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