What does 1% mean to you?

1% of your day is 14,4 minutes.

1% of an hour is 3,5 minutes.

1% of a standard Cape Town latte is R0,35.


For us, 1% may seem insignificant and fleeting, yet for the planet that 1% might make the world of difference, or in this case, a difference for our world! We are proud to announce that we have decided to show our commitment to our environment by joining the “1% for the Planet” movement. A global movement that provides businesses the opportunity to support environmental solutions through a 1% contribution of sales to this non-profit organisation.

Backing this movement, 1% of all our sales will go straight to this NGO to provide them with the funding needed to preserve our planet. Through providing opportunities and forming strategies that allow for “environmental giving” rather than our usual act of continuously taking, we believe that this movement can truly make a difference for our world. With 1% of our total sales going to this NGO, joining this movement also aligns with our ethos of ‘conscious shopping’. By supporting us through shopping our eco-friendly range, you are not only preserving our environment directly but are also contributing to a bigger picture and a bigger impact. With our commitment and your support, we can make a difference.

“But how can 1% make an impact?”

It doesn’t just make an impact. It makes an IMPACTFUL impact. The estimated amount of small businesses in South Africa is sitting at 2.2 million. And that’s just small businesses. That’s just South Africa. Think of 1% of Mac Donald’s sales alone.. Now add the 1% contributions from businesses of all sizes from all around the world. That’s how 1% can make an impact. And this is why we have joined this amazing initiative to not only express our commitment to our planet, but to show it! We encourage all fellow retailers to look into this innovative and immensely necessary initiative and join the movement!

What does 1% mean to you?

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